Monday, September 29, 2008

One Sweet Girl

Tonight as we were sitting at the supper table Nathanial and I were discussing America's current financial situation and the plunge of the stock market today. We were talking about Ava and Aspen's futures. I'm thankful that we have a God to place our hope and trust in. As long as our girls have God in their lives, their future is bright, no matter how much money they ever have. Nathanial was talking to Ava and asking her if she'd like to be a missionary when she grows up. She said: "What's a missionary?". Nathanial told her that if she was a missionary she could go and help little kids who don't know Jesus, are poor and don't have enough to eat or toys to play with. She said, "I think I'd like to do that!" Then she said, "But, I really just want to be daddy." If you can only imagine, we had a wonderful night enjoying our daughter. Of course, we enjoyed Aspen too... I don't want to leave her out!! Man, we love our girls!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Wedding

Well, we are all pretty exhausted after the BIG day yesterday. Even though my mother-in-law was the one who made sure Ava was where she needed to be all day!! Thank you to her.
Nathanial decided to have a work day at the new house in the morning, and then we had pizza for everyone at lunch to thank them for their help. Then it was rush rush to get to Gretchen and AJ's wedding in time to see Ava before hand. She had her hair done for the first time (and probably the last time for awhile, $30 for a 3 year olds hair is a bit insane, i'm kinda embarassed that i even had it done!). It was darling though. And she was excited that she had "curl-eees". Anyone who knows me very well, knows that I'm not too much of a girly girl and Ava doesn't get her hair curled very often!!

Ava got almost to the front of the church throwing out her rose petals when she ran out. She decided to go back to the beginning to get some more, all the while, picking some petals off the floor to put in her basket!! It was so funny! The wedding was very pretty.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tired of being sick!!

Ava and Gabe

We have been sick for going over 3 weeks!! UGH! Nothing severe, just the gooky eyes for the girls and a really annoying cough for me. I finally broke down and took an antibiotic. I'm not sure if it's just coincidence, but I did get a little better then. We've done some fun things, but you know how things just don't seem near as fun when you struggling to keep your cough under control at all times!! But things are looking up, and looking at it from the bright side.... I usually get this once a year, so maybe I'll be healthy all winter!!
Okay, lets see if I can remember what we did this week....

We went to the cruise in.... Ava has way way way to much candy. I hope we have lots of trick or treaters this year, we need to get rid of it!!!!!!

We went to Chuck E Cheese! Ava has been asking to go to "Chuck E Jesus".... that's what it sounds like anyway. She had a blast and informed me that "Chuck E Jesus is sooo cool". We got her 50 tokens, and it was fun at first, but by the time we were down to 15 tokens I thought I was gonna lose it. Aspen didn't like all the noise so well. Then we did a little shopping. My girls are just not shoppers... which doesn't suprise me, I'm not that much of a shopper myself. So we hit Old Navy and Express and headed home. The girls had fun hanging out with aunt Shelli and Mamaw all day! Aspen let Shelli hold her all day.... which if anyone knows Aspen that's weird. She usually is attached to my hip when we're around anyone that she doesn't see every day!

The new house is coming along. Nathanial is still working on the gutting it. It is dirty work!! We are getting excited about all the "new" to go in after this part is done. We are thinking we are going to build a garage soon, so we can store our stuff. We will probably be "homeless" for a few months. That will be interesting.

We have a big weekend coming up. Gretchen Davis is getting married. Ava is the flower girl. We are also super excited to meet Abigail Kassel. Nathanial's cousin Kris lives in Spokane, Washington and he and his wife will be home with their new baby. Can't wait to meet her!!

If you think about Michelle Schaffer this week, please pray for her, she has been sick for two weeks and no meds seem to be helping. She has a lot on her plate with 5 kids and her husband in Iraq! She could use your prayers! This picture was from one of the days we had the kids some. Ava loves all of them so much!

I'll leave you with some cute pics of the girls I took yesterday. Ava and her "master-piece", and then a picture of what I found in the girls' room this morning.

One more thing, if anyone is looking for a good book to read, I highly recommend The Shack. It's good, and challenges the way we think of God.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Moving forward with demolition!!!

Well, I figure it's about time to post some pictures of "the project"!! We have had our new/old house for over a week... and I need to post our pictures of what it looked like when we got the keys. It's an old house, and not a "cool" old house at that. But with a LOT of work we hope to have a new house for a fraction of the "new house" cost. We are excited to restore it and make it nice. I absolutely love new houses, but Nathanial and I both love even more the thought of taking something ugly and making it new. Maybe it's silly, but it means something to me that Walnut Street will be a little nicer after we're finished with 1211 E. Walnut St.!! Nathanial has begun the gutting process. We are knocking down walls, pulling down drop ceilings, moving the bathroom, adding closets... the list goes on. Thank the good Lord we don't have to live in this mess while we do it!! Here are some of the pics we've taken.

In other parts of our lives, there hasn't been a whole lot going on. Ava has been sick for a week, with Nathanial and then me getting it too. Stuffy nose, cough, Ava's eyes have been horrible. Fun times in the middle of the night, let me tell ya! Ava has been up from about 2am to 3am every night this week. I just absolutely hate seeing my little girl sick. I just wish I could take it all for her. I hope Aspen doesn't get it. We did still make it to preschool and dance this past week though. We got a report from Ava's teacher that she has been "helping" with any little kid who might be sad, hurt, or crying at school. She loves on them and tells them it will be okay and tries to hold their hand. Of course, that makes a mom happy let me tell ya! We can try to teach her about the love of Christ, but it's times like this when you get a glimpse of the fact that she is learning how to apply it to her everyday life!!

Aspen is CRAWLING!! Little by little, she gets better everyday!! She has also become very demanding!! But hopefully the more mobile she is the more independent she will become!

We went out Monday night to cheer uncle Nolan on at his football game. Nana got some Lil Hatchet shirts made... they are pretty cute. (We won't tell that Ava is technically a Cardinal for the time being!).

Well I hope everyone is having a good week!! Adios


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Zoo and Preschool

First of all, thanks to those of you who came out to the coffee shop on Friday night to hear Marc Scabilia play. We had a great time!!

Saturday morning we took bright and early for St. Louis to go to the zoo. We had a great time, even though as the day wore on the temp got a little to high for us! By the time we left the zoo at about 3pm most of the animals were sleeping, probably because it was so darn hot!! The gorilla's were definately our favorite, they were chasing each other around and beating on their chest's. It was hilarious!! Ava loved it, and Aspen was a very good girl, even though she refused to nap in her stroller. Then we hit up The Container Store, REI, Whole Foods, and Panera Bread and headed home. Nathanial got pulled over in Illinois, but luckily we did not get a ticket due to our tired faces and Nathanial's "look of surrender".... we got a good laugh over that one! We made it home just in time to drop off Nana and Nolan (and the girls) and head over to Antioch to see the band play again. Great show, but hardly anyone there to enjoy ... kinda sad.

Monday we went on a killer bike ride... HOT HOT HOT! But good exercise.

Tuesday was Ava's very first day of Preschool!!! She (of course) forgot I was even with her the moment we walked through the doors and barely even said bye. She had a great time and had lots to say.... but her first words were "mom, some girl pushed me out of line" and then "my teacher wouldn't let me have a drink". Later she did say she got a drink, just not an extra drink. I know little kids have their tiffs, but it's a little hard to think about my baby getting pushed out of line!! I try to blow it off and just remind her to be kind to the other kids. I have a feeling this may only get harder as my kids get older.... I hope God gives me the grace to deal with it and not be one of those "crazy parents!!" I'm really excited for to be going to school... she's such a big girl. I just wish I could watch her without her knowing I was there... 3 year olds just don't communicate everything they did too well!! Tomorrow night she has her first dance class. Can't wait for that!!

I better not leave out the little Penners... she is wanting to run around all over the place. I'm trying to get her to crawl, but she just scoots on her butt and cries for someone to pick her up and help her walk around. She can get up on all fours, but falls when she tries to move. She is quite the little talker and loves to make noises with her mouth. She also loves giving kisses right now, which drench the other person with slobber and then she usually ends up biting you!! She's getting so big too!!!