Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fun in the kitchen

I just had to add a pic and a video from Ava's and my time in the kitchen this morning. We had a lot of fun. :) We also heard from Nathanial this morning... he and Dr. Baker were getting ready to set off on the adventure. We hope to hear from him on Tuesday morning. Their goal is to be finished by then!! By the way, it's probably not as dangerous as it sounded with the snakes and alligator's. I guess alligator's arent' dangerous. I still wouldn't want to see one when I'm just in a 40 lb canoe though!!!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Aren't they so cute!!

Seriously, you should ask my mom and Nathanial how many times I've said that phrase! I am so totally in love with my girls.... it's crazy! I guess that's a good thing... right?? Anyway, I love being able to post pics and little stories about them for anyone who wants to know! I only wish it didn't seem to take me so long to do! Maybe I'll have more time for the next week. Nathanial is off doing the Texas Water Safari. If you think of him please lift him up to Jesus, it's pretty much 4 days of nothing but canoeing, day and night. In alligator and snake infested rivers to make it even worse!! His is always up for an adventure though... I love that about him, but at times it makes me worry!

Ava enjoying some Scoops....mmmmmm..... chocolate is her favorite!

What can I say, I love this picture of Aspen playing and doing so well sitting up.
The big news on her is that she cut a tooth this past week. We had one night where
she was a little fussy, but that's it!!

Aspen and daddy the night before he left for Texas.

Ava and her friend Julian Schaffer

We have 2 play dates that we attend, one that is mostly babies.... we usually enjoy the nice temperatures of inside the house! And then one outside that consists mostly of toddlers and young kids. Ava had so much fun playing at the Schaffers house this morning... as you can tell! She is sound asleep in her bed right now! Both girls are asleep actually, so I should probably get busy picking up the house! Have a wonderful day everyone!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Where do I even start.... it seems like a lot has been going on at our house!! Nathanial picked out the pictures and put them on here and I'm adding the text, so they may be a little out of order, but that's okay:) To the left here is Ava watching the "big truck" deliver our concrete Tuesday morning at 6:45am. That was pretty cool to her... plus now she can ride her tricycle all the way from the alley to our back door!!

Next we have Ava and Aspen asleep in their stroller after our little walk. So cute! Then, Aspen has discovered that she can suck on her toes. So we have one thumb sucker and one toe sucker!! It's awfully cute, but I hope that she's not still doing that when she's walking!!

This pic was taken tonight, we went to Aaron Willis' house for a cookout, he is engaged to Stephanie Peek for anyone wondering who that is. This is Ava's friend, Erin.

This is Ava playing with her new Dora ring toss/sprinkler. I'm telling you, it was the best $8 I've spent in a long time. She loves it!! It's so hot already, I can't wait to take the girls swimming.

Aspen tried a few bites of popsicle tonight, I shouldn't have let her taste something so sweet probably. She went crazy over it. She has only had milk and rice cereal so far. I'm thinking of giving her some veggies soon.

Last but not least is a video clip of Ava trying her hardest to get away with taking a nap at 6pm!! We were trying to work in the yard, since we have an open house tomorrow night, and she had just played too hard I guess. It was so hot, yet she had to have her blankie!! If anyone reads this please send up a little prayer so that we can make a wise decision. We're thinking about making an offer on a lot here in town to build on. We just can't decide. Big decisions just kind of make us ill. Thanks!!

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