Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time for some catching up!

I can't believe tomorrow is Monday again! I love my job, but more and more it seems that I cannot do all the things I would like to do and work those 2 days!! That seems absurd, I still have 5 days off every week!! I've been in the cooking mood and that takes a LOT of time! But Nathanial is with me and has helped a TON! The other night we made a great new mac-n-cheese with veggies and chicken... it was great and the kiddo's actually liked it as well! Then Nathanial made pretzels last night while I helped make a snail with the girls' new "bendaroos". (However you spell that!) Today Nathanial whipped up a bunch of whole wheat bread dough for bread bowls sometime this week! We ate at Panera on Saturday... and are now craving good bread!! We have been enjoying each other so much.... but my goodness my girls are just growing so fast! I want to savor each moment with them, and at the same time reach out to those all around us that are hurting, and spend time with our friends, and cook, and keep my house decently clean, and decorate (I'll be surprised if the decorating EVER gets done!!)....... geez, can you see why I feel like I don't have time to work!!! Some friends of ours, Shane and Michelle, and going to have an especially tough week. Please keep them in your prayers if you don't mind. The Lord has been doing an awesome work in them, but this week is going to be so hard. My goodness, while your at it, pray for some sunshine!!!! My mood needs it!!!
Aspen had her 2 year well-visit last week. She HATED seeing the Dr. even though he is so great with our girls! She didn't want to get weighed even... screamed and screamed through most of the visit! We did finally get her weight... 28lbs. She was near the 90th % for height and just over 50% for weight. Well proportioned and very healthy! I figured, but heck, if insurance will pay for the visit, why not go?? She hadn't been to the Dr. in 6 months probably... knock on wood...

Believe it or not, the Rainey's have been getting a little crafty!!! Fun times!

Here's my little puppy, she's got herself tied up to the crib with a scarf!

Adara has been stealing our hearts with her beautiful smile and giggles!
The girls hung out with Aunt Shelli while we did some shopping... dress up is what they love!!!