Monday, August 24, 2009

This may seem a little silly....

but this stubborn child in my belly is refusing to flip over!!! I'm 32 weeks on Wednesday, and yes, I know we still have plenty of time to flip...I also know that the odds are getting slimmer with each passing day!!! I also know that a C-Section would not be the end of the world but for some reason I'm a little terrified by the thought!! So, if anyone who might be reading this would just say a quick prayer for our baby to please flip over so we can hopefully avoid any surgery I would soooo appreciate it!!! Thanks!!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last day of summer vacation!!

Well, today is the last official day of summer vacation for Nathanial..... poor guy! Or poor us?? Not sure, the small amount of time that he has been home this summer has been great, but he is one busy person!! Anyway he has requested that I post an update with some pics from Holiday World. He actually wrote the last post, if anyone noticed. He writes so much better than I do! I have been totally slacking on keeping pictures updated, baby books wrote in, and blog updated since all the moving and being pregnant. I'm so sorry to my children!! It doesn't mean mommy loves you any less! I find myself watching them and thinking to myself, "I'm going to cherish this moment and remember it forever!", but we all know that memories do fade and I need to capture the moment either with words or pictures!!!

So.... here goes!

First off I'll share some pics of how well Aspen enjoyed her day! She was not a fan of any rides except the carousel! It was the ONLY one she didn't scream on!

Ava of course had to try the rockclimbing wall she found.... practicing for her future occupation of "rockclimbing girl".

This pic is from one of the days mommy had to work and daddy made breakfast... the "baby" pancakes were a hit!!
Last but not least a certain someone decided all of a sudden to quit sucking her thumb. As much as mommy wishes we could take it back, she had been promised a puppy if she quit. So as you might guess, here is Ava with her new puppy Jessie. Jessie is the puppy who has finally quit crying through the night but still poops and pees where she pleases.... if we ever get this dog trained I will be surprised. If anyone has any tips I'm accepting any advice I can get. I think one of the main problems is the lack of consistancy from us.... but you know, my kids take priority of the dog, as well as sleep. It's one thing to get up to take care of the girls, but to let the dog out at 3am... sorry Jessie! But the girls do love her, Aspen loves to "hold her", but I'm pretty sure the puppy runs from her usually!!