Friday, October 1, 2010

What's gotten into me??

Wow, I thought I was officially done blogging, but here I am.... randomly posting. So much is going on, life is happening at full speed 'round here, can't keep up!!! I hope I get enough pics to remind the girls of how much fun we have someday, because I'm not going to get it all into words!

Adara will be ONE in 11 days.... please someone, slow time down!!!! She is standing on her own, but does NOT take steps unless she is holding on to someone or something. She waves and says hi. Says hello with a phone up to her ear, back of head, or neck. Says mama and da of course. Still a blondie!!! We attempted one year pics, she would NOT cooperate!! We'll try again next week maybe.

Aspen is ALWAYS cracking us up! Everything is "cool" right now. She is extremely moody - it NEVER fails I always pick the wrong spoon to give her.... we go through 3 or 4 at least to find the one she prefers for that particular meal. She is a paci thief. She peed on a pumpkin at Ettienes.... sorry to anyone who bought one from there.... you will never know if it was yours!

Ava is attending kindergarten at home this year... it has been quite the adjustment for our little social butterfly. It is so good and so hard all at the same time. We have art class on Monday afternoons, gymnastics on Tuesdays, and PE on Fridays. She has met many new friends who also homeschool, but still struggles with not going to "the real school". Sweetheart, this was a hard decision for your mama, but we are doing what we feel is best, and we have prayed about it MUCH!! It wasn't too hard for daddy... he's all about it! You LOVE all the reading we do. I love not having to pry out of you all you did at school.... I know because I did it with you! As I'm writing this Ava and her daddy are sound asleep in the backyard in our new 6 person tent.... moving on up..... filled up our 4 person one!

Well, there is NO way to catch up on photos, so I'll just pic some recent ones from our adventures!
Crazy girl Ava... we had a free evening - THANK YOU JESUS - so we did some exploring!