Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where do the days go?

To be honest, sometimes I get very frustrated when an entire day goes by and I feel as though I got NOTHING accomplished. I adore my children, but I take one step forward with getting this house put together, and they tear apart my previous three steps!!! In the same amount of time I took one step that is.... ahhhhhh! But I do, with all of my heart, want to cherish these precious moments when my girls are little and home with me all the time! I feel guilty for how upset I get at them sometimes. They are the most precious, beautiful gifts from God and I get so mad because they mess up my silly house. Pregnancy has definately made me emotional this time around.... I'm sitting here teared up as I type, unusual for me I must say. So many things are different this time. I've been more sick, more strange pains, more emotions going.... either it's because I'm 30 or this is a boy, not sure. I have started to feel the little stinker kicking. I LOVE that feeling.... it's like baby is telling me "hey, i'm okay in here"!!

Ava had her first dance recital today... she was SO STINKING CUTE!!! The older girls where great, but I think the younger ones stole the show.... all those cute little ballerina's! I'm gonna include some pics this time! I'm getting caught up on pictures... sort of. Nathanial put a ton of house pics, before and after, on my facebook so i probably won't put them on here... we'll see. Well, I heard it's supposed to be dry for awhile.... looking forward to some pretty days ahead!

Yes, Ava climbed into the washer today to hide! She is such a silly girl, and then of course Aspen wanted in too. Couldn't resist a picture of the two.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Well, we have finally moved in! Or I guess I should say we are currently moving in.... after 5 1/2 months of temp living I had forgotten how much stuff we have. As I unpack box after box and realize I had forgotten I even had some things I realized WE DON'T NEED THIS MUCH STUFF!!! But as I try to weed out, I think... well I might want to use this someday.... errrrrrrr!!! I'm trying though! I know this house is larger than our last, but I'm quickly running out of closet space. We are tying to organize well, but it's hard to do on a budget. I don't know if any of you have heard of The Container Store, but Than and I were looking through a catalog and they have awesome closet organizing kits.... the one we loved was $2000.00!!! Can you believe anyone would spend that much money to organize their closet!! uhhhh I'm thinking vacation!!!! Anyway, I'm loving living here already. The girls run around non-stop.... there is so much room to do just that - run!! I love the natural light from all of our windows... I really missed that living in a basement. Our bedroom is flooded with light in the morning... that makes it so much easier to get up! I'm looking forward to getting everything into it's place and enjoying many evenings with good food and good friends this summer! Now that our internet is up and running I'll have to upload some pics.... it's been awhile! When I have time I'll do just that!