Saturday, September 19, 2009

Praise the Lord!!

First of all... Nathanial and I had really been praying for baby to do it's little flip, but I had finally come to terms with the whole situation. I know God is in control, and obviously a healthy baby is of the utmost importance to us..... so I finally had calmed down and realized it would all be okay. Then a few days later I noticed that even though most of the movements still felt the same, the hiccups I felt were extremely low.... too low for a breech baby! So ultrasound confirmed that baby had indeed flipped over! Thank you Lord!!! Now, just stay put! If I have this one as early as I did Aspen, it would come on October 9th. I'm so excited! Everytime I go into a store I think I NEED to know what this child is... the suspense is killing me... but it's so FUN at the same time!

We did family pics with Brittany last night... can't wait to see them! I'm sure they will be great!

Ava started pre-school and soccer. She, of course, loves school and her teacher Ms. Jamie! She would go everyday if she could and has actually told me she wants to go to Cardinal Care when she's not at school instead of staying home! That made me kind of sad... I thought we had fun together! Soccer.... well.... isn't going so well. She gets so excited about it, and then it never fails that she gets knocked down and it's all downhill from there. We've tried to explain to her that it's just part of the game but it hurts her feelings and then she just stands on the field and refuses to play the rest of the game!! I don't think it helps that her daddy is the coach! She's so tender-hearted and I don't want to punish her for that, but I do want her to try her hardest and have a good time! I'm not sure how to handle that. We might just have to stick with dance and gymnastics... I don't know!

First day of school, 2009

Sweetie Pen cheering her sister on!

Aspen is growing like a little weed and starting to put words together into little sentences. She is definately coming out of her shell and doing so well staying with other people. A couple of weekends she and Ava spent the night at one grandma's and then the other the next night and Aspen was all about it! She didn't mind being away from us at all. I'm glad that she is doing so well, but a tiny part of me liked her being so clingy! It feels good to know your kids love so much!

All of the Rainey great-grandchildren with their Grammie!

I'm sure more has gone on, but I can't think of anymore so I'm just gonna post some pics and be done! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day with time outdoors!