Friday, November 13, 2009

Time for catch up!

Time for a little catching up!!! We had an elephant and a ladybug this year for Halloween. We honestly didn't make it to too many places. The girls were tired and getting in and out of carseats wasn't the most fun for them! They did enjoy showing off their costumes for a little while though, and got PLENTY of candy in those few stops!!

Adara had her 4 week well-visit. She weighed 8lbs 9oz, and was 21.5 in long. She has jumped up to the 50th% from the 25th% just 2 weeks ago. She is growing and changing so fast. She is awake so much more now and focusing on things and people around her. She is such a joy to our family.... we already can't imagine life without her! Her sister's are such a big help and adore her as you will see in the next pictures!!

Aspen and Ava are shooting some kind of wild animal here.

And here they are lifting weights together! I never knew tinker toys could be so many different things. Ava also made me a cane yesterday when we played little red riding hood so i could be the grandma. I think I've seen a dog-house made of tinker toys this week too!

My maternity leave has really let us just enjoy this time together as a family. Mostly it's the girls and I as Nathanial has been pretty busy with different things, so we spend a lot of time at home or go to my parents during the day to play. Life has slowed down, and honestly, sometimes I feel like it's a little too slow. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to sit and hold Adara and watch the girls play but we get a little antsy at times. I know I will regret saying this someday, when the girls are older and we are pulled every direction with activities and sports... so I am gonna try and just enjoy. Maybe I need to get a little crafty?? The friends that we worked with in India are coming in this weekend. They will be speaking at our church on Sunday morning and then Monday night we are having a casual soup and sandwich dinner and they will be sharing more about missions, their lives and ministry, and India. That will be at 6:30 at our church, because the response is a little too large to have at our house. If you would like to come please just leave a comment...We would love to see you there!

My two puppies!

Playdough ice cream cones at Mamaw's... they were ALL business!