Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We are now officially inbetween old home and new home. We have settled into the basement at Nathanial's aunt Cindy's. We are unpacked as much as we're gonna be I think. It's nice and cozy.... I do miss sharing our nice Queen size bed, as now Nathanial, Ava, and I each have our own twin bed!! We did all 3 manage to fit in one bed for some snuggle time that Ava demanded!! We almost woke up Aspen just to say we were all 4 in a twin bed....I'm sure it will happen eventually! As far as moving out of our old house, I thought I would be really emotional, but by the end of the day Thursday I was so tired and ready to be finished I just didn't care that much! I did do a drive by on Sunday.... it's so weird to see other people's stuff at "my house"! I'm glad it's a young family who will also create lots of memories there as well!

Our new house is coming along.... the old siding is off, which reveals even older siding. Nathanial and my dad have been working hard this week installing our new windows. They look great! I need to post new pictures, and when I get the chance I will. We don't have internet access at our temp home.

Ava had her Thanksgiving program today at preschool. She was all dressed up like a pilgrim, cute as can be. Her class came out and she sang one song (sortof) with her class and then just walked off the stage and came straight to us. She said she was hot, tired, and thirsty and wasn't going back up there!!! I was sad, but it was just like her! She is a little sick AGAIN so I couldn't be mad.... anyway I didn't get any picks because I forgot our camera and my mom's battery went dead.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

So far behind...

I'm so far behind...

Today was our big moving day.... too bad we still have a TON of stuff in our house! But this week I'll be slowly going through the rest to see what can be stored away and what needs to come with us to our temporary home. I have been horrible at taking pics lately.... and snapfish has GREAT deal on Christmas Cards right now too! 20 cards for 20 cents. I'm going to have to get one that.

Miriam and Jordan had their baby, Eli, last week. I spent the night with Miriam on her first night home from the hospital as Jordan had to work overnight. It's crazy how fast you forget how hard it is with a newborn those first few nights home. Sleep, well, it doesn't really happen! I was so tired, but it was worth it.... I always like to help. He's a cutie. Now I'm just waiting on baby Ella.... can't wait to see that pretty girl!

Well, I'm supposed to be cleaning house... so I better sign off. I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Just a quick post to tell everyone the GOOD news!! We closed on our house last night! I'm a little sad to be leaving our very first home, we have so enjoyed living here and bringing two baby girls home from the hospital to this cute little house.... but..... so so so happy to officially own only one home now (i guess you can't really call it a home yet, it's more of a "shell"). Anyway, we need to be out by the 21st!! So i have 2 weeks to pack, and i haven't even started!! We will be living in the basement at Nathanial's aunt Cindy's. It's a very nice little place for us, pretty much like an apartment. Okay, i have some work to do! Have a wonderful day!