Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cozy Weather!

Well, even though I was at work today and missed out on the sledding, I still love the snow!!! Nathanial was home with the girls today and took them sledding a little. Aspen's first time and he didn't take one picture!! He said he put my socks on her arms and legs to help keep her warm! That's funny to me, but at the same time a pretty good idea! She was fine until Nathanial couldn't keep up with the sled going down hill and dumped them out by pulling them sideways... poor baby!

The house is coming along. The addition is covered with decking and paper and the windows are in!! I guess plumbing, electric, and insulation are next, then on to drywall! I'm soooo excited to move in. I know our house really isn't that big... but it seems like it's gonna be huge to me. The upstairs could be two more bedrooms if we wanted it to be. But we aren't going to finish that just yet.

Well, I'm getting ready to brave the slick roads and get home to my family! If I ever have time and the internet access at the same time I'll post pics someday! I hope everyone is staying safe!!!