Sunday, May 9, 2010

5th bday and soap

Adara is entered in the Right To Life Baby Contest on their website You can still enter your little one ages 0 to 3!!! Check it out!!

Well, I never got around to posting pics of Ava's 5th birthday party which was mainly Fancy Nancy with a little princess thrown in!!! That's what she wanted! I was so proud of her, she made a lot of the decor herself (with help from mom) from ideas in her Fancy Nancy Tea Party book. We had a great time and a BEAUTIFUL cake made by Steph Willis/Custom Cakery!! Thanks again Steph!! I gave her free reign because we couldn't decide on a cake... turned out perfect, and yummy!!!

The party goers..... poor Isaac.....I hope he wasn't scarred for life by being the only boy!!

Not sure what happened with this teeny tiny pic... it was so cute!! darn it

Also, I'm going to host a Pure Hearts and Clean Hands Soap Company "home show" on Thursday night. I dislike hosting parties and I don't want anyone to feel obligated to come, BUT, the reason I'm having it is not for free stuff for me but I want to share it with YOU!! I really like everything that I have been using... the bath soap, laundry detergent, oil for my face. I am in the "transition" period with my hair and the shampoo bar, but i'm gonna stick it out. Anyway, excema on Adara's face has almost completely gone away, the bumps on my girls arms and legs are MUCH better... and they smell great!!! Plus the main reason is there are none of the harmful and toxic chemicals found in the commercial baby soaps, not to mention the adult stuff!! Not to mention it is very affordable and Adam and Heather live and make their products in Odon. They seem to be awesome people! So there is my schpeel (not sure how you spell that!) ... come check it out Thursday night May 13th at 630pm, kids and husbands welcome if you want to bring them along! If you don't know where I live you can message me with your email!

Here is their webpage: http://www.phcnaturalsoap.


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